The diet industry doesn't want you to know that a cure exists for obesity. The very thought of a cure sends shivers up and down the spines of those who profit most from the millions of overweight Americans who mindlessly continue to diet, despite a 95% failure rate.

Author, Rob Stevens stands alone as the Ralph Nader of the weight loss industry. He knows a cure exists for obesity because he cured his own. Fearless in the face of a %50B industry, Rob Stevens is resolved to debunk the myths about dieting being perpetrated on the masses in his new book, The Overfed Head. What if everything you know about weight loss is wrong.

"Millions of Americans are encouraged every day of the year to surrender their personal liberty and the quality of their lives to the dictates of the latest dieting fad because there seems to be no other way of reaching and maintaining their optimal weight," says Stevens.

"What makes diet mythology really sinister is that although he beliefs of dieting mythology are based on pseudo-scientific, fraudulent or just-plain-dangerous theories about how the human body is supposed to work, people accept this disinformation as true and authoritative." The truth is that the entire diet industry’s success is built upon the failures of others . . . planned obsolescence at its absolute best.

”Modern advertising techniques are able to target specifically defined groups with the lethal accuracy of a sniper’s bullet. Without the advertising industry the multi-billion dollar diet industry would never have been able to penetrate the national consciousness so effectively – and turn otherwise normal people into habitual compulsive-obsessive dieters. The vast diet industry in America depends completely on advertising and the media to bombard people with diet mythology, which means all the reasons why habitual dieters believe they cannot exist without always being in some phase of an eternal and punitive cycle of mindless eating and or compulsive dieting.”

”It has become abundantly clear that everyone in this country is a target for dieting propaganda because obesity is beginning to affect all age, gender and ethnic groups on a scale hitherto unknown in any previous age or civilization. Now dieting in al its ramifications is a national obsession that haunts the days and nights of millions of people like an evil nightmare. If we were not obsessed as a nation with all the horrors of dieting, the whole dieting scenario would make an excellent script for a particularly frightening horror movie. It’s not difficult to imagine what such a movie would be about.”

”Imagine what it would be like if all the citizens of the greatest and most powerful nation in the world were suddenly afflicted y a mysterious and irresistible compulsion to alternate between cycles of self-inflicted food deprivation and ravenous eating – until they became as bloated as balloons,. Imagine each person slowly succumbing to diseases, breathlessness, organ failure, humiliation, fear, confusion, panic ad disorientation – and death.”

”Thankfully, we’re not quite there yet. But we’re getting there fast because, as a nation, we are being more and more conditioned into believing that dieting – rather than conscious and mindful eating of those foods that we really enjoy – is the one and only cure for our weight problems.”

Rob Stevens lost 140 pounds five years ago after learning how to adopt the habits of naturally thin people. Stevens stopped dieting ad started losing weight earning all the foods he loves. “Thin people don’t diet. They don’t know how many calories of fat grams or carbs are in anything. They are tuned I to their bodies and their hunger levels to guide their eating. They ear only when hungry, eat exactly what they want to eat and stop eating when their hunger is satisfied – before fullness. They simply don’t overeat, the only reason for weight gain,” says Stevens.

the cure is simple. The hard part is de-programming all of the useless information we learned from the diet industry If everyone were only going to their own bodies to guide their eating and not going outside of themselves to some product, product, program or expert, the diet industry would eventually falter and collapse.

And that’s not such a bad idea. We were a far thinner nation a hundred years ago before the diet industry existed. It stands to reason that the overweight and obesity epidemic would decline and abate were the diet industry to fade away. If overweight people were to discover a satisfying and self-affirming way of eating that is not a diet and that never involves dieting, dieting as a practice will soon become as anachronistic in the American landscape as a horse and buggy on a major highway.

An authentic cure for obesity does exist. And who will gain from it? Not the diet industry but the people who get the “right information, which can actually make a difference for them. With 400,000 people dying from obesity related causes – and it’s preventable, isn’t it time that someone told the truth and put human life before the almighty buck? Rob Stevens thinks so. What do you think?

To learn more about Rob Stevens, Thintuition or The Overfed Head visit www.thintuition.com.

By Steve Sheffler


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