By Geneva Watson-Dean


Do you want a happy face? Treat people with kindness if you want a happy face then do for others.

One knows what is right by doing and acting out the good, fruitful elements within us. Yes, the divine control of the universe built in such a strong and coherent manner that even such laws as gravity, conservation of matter and energy dared not to interfere with these divine laws. They only cooperate with these supreme forces. Therefore, the sense of right and wrong are ingrained within us and remains intact even in turbulent times o tremendous unrest, confusion and mistrust. We must live the “Right in us.” We must be aware of the need of others.

As you travel along life’s path reach out and help others and reaching out gives one a happy face. Reach out to young people in your community who have dropped out of school. Encourage them to graduate. Reach out to the unemployed; they need jobs for both their dignity and pocketbook. Reach out to positive institutions in our communities to serve as a magnetic force the need to rehabilitate them. Remember the happier they are the safer, more secure and happier you will be.

When you analyze many of these trouble some situations that we are facing, you come to realize that there is a common element running through all of them – selfishness. “When you look at the corporate scandals, you realize that people acted out of greed and selfishness. The CEO’s who stole hundreds of millions of dollars knew right from wrong; they just chose to follow the wrong path. They violated their oaths to the shareholders and to their employees, leaving hundreds of thousands of people who did the right thing – worked hard ad trustingly invested in their companies – without retirement funds or benefits.

”As ethical members of society, “ we must think about our own needs, and at the same time, we must be cognizant of the needs of others. We must be cognizant of the needs of others. We must ask ourselves “what do I owe to others and what should I expect from them.” This type of thinking should not only be exercised by individuals, but by groups of people and professionals in industry as well. Pharmacists, attorneys, government officials, law enforcement professionals, accountants, educators, scientists, technology specialists, ad boards of directors for al size of corporations, organizations and business must work together with their colleagues to ensure that they remain true to the mission of their profession and true to the people that they serve. As things change and become mere complicated. We must all remember that we need to take into account the needs of others as well as our own.

”if even a small minority of people will speak up and demand more of themselves and others, even if only in their own lives, we’ll swing back to the days when we could be really proud of the kind of people we are because of what we contribute to each other and society.”

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