By Edward R. Culvert


This welfare mess is getting out of line. Welfare recipients are now demanding that they receive financial aid for college. Some people think they deserve it, and some think they do not. Some people also feel there should be mandatory testing of applicants to weed out substance abusers.

If the government was to mandate, testing welfare recipients for substance abuse as a condition to receive financial aid for school, it would be leaving the door open for numerous lawsuits. Forcible testing for narcotics use in unconstitutional, and a clear violation of a citizens fourth amendment rights.

We realize that drug addiction is as major contemporary social problem, but it should be treated as any other disease.. When a disease is found, the person who is plagued with the malady is not r=treated as a criminal, they are treated as patients.

The interesting thing is that people confuse the law. In the case of Skinner vs. Rail Road Executives’ Assn. 489 U.S. 602 (89), the court ruled that an intrusion under the skin for the purpose of extracting blood constitutes an invasion of privacy. There is one exception. In a capital case, the court left the final decision to lower courts

The Real Deal

The real deal is that people who work are saddled with the load of taking care of people who do not work. The rich are getting richer and the poor are suffering. We are a civilized society and are bound by the social contract that separates civilized persons from savages, but we are taking this thing too far. When people who work are penalized because they have two dollars, and people who don not work can live as well or better than the working poor, then we need to examine the whole mess.

Look at the economy of the nation. Fifty one percent of Black men in New York City are unemployed. My question is, why more people are being welcomed into the country? It would appear that the tide of illegal immigrants, who are taking jobs from legitimate citizens, ought to be stopped.

does this make sense? If social stability and economic solvency is to be the dream of legal citizens, how is it to be achieved by undermining the legal work force? Most people do not notice, but have you taken a good look at the men rehabbing he brown stones in Harlem? Has anyone looked at the number of American jobs being sent to India? Some time ago, I read an article about a person in a foreign country when they call about a credit problem.

This kind of nonsense is idiotic. The unkind thing is that the American people have been programmed not to think. We now accept, blindly what ever we are told. If you question then you are called un-American, or some other nasty name.

The basic precepts of the nation are being changed to support the interests of the few instead of the many. Who s benefiting from the war in Iraq? The arms manufacturers Who is going into war? The sons and daughters of poor Black people and poor White people. Who is being killed in battle? Poor Black people and poor White People. This nation is sitting on the brink of disaster.

History has taught us that the major empires of the world were not destroyed from the outside. They were destroyed from the inside.

No one wants to feel used. The people of America who work are being used. They cannot pay for their children to go to college, and now they are being asked to pay for the children of illegal aliens to get a free college education. This stinks.

We are in an election year, and with all of the mess, going on I the world the airways ought to be burning up with dialogue. Yet, not a word in anger, just hushed tones. There was a time when an election year was a year of excitement. This year is as exciting as watching paint dry.

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Let’s move on.


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