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By Marjorie Gunner

Primary Stages The Day Emily Married, by Horton Foote at 59 E. 59 Theatres is another triumph for the Pulitzer Prize winner (The Trip to Bountiful and Young Man from Atlanta). As always the play gives actors memorable roles. Estelle Parsons plays a mother more concerned for family pictures on the wall than for the happiness of her newly wed daughter now living with mom and pop. Hallie Foote is delicately devastating as Emily desperate to make her second marriage work rightfully fearful that moving in is a mistake.

William Biff McGuire as the kindly father epitomizes old fashioned family values that Foote illustrates like a grand master painter. James Colby plays the greedy heart breaker Richard we suspect all along. The play is full of plot twists including a potboiler exploded by excellent Pamela Payton Wright.

Addie; the family servant is reverently played by reliable Delores Mitchell. The cast is perfection and the mesmerizing play gives Estelle Parsons her best role to date! Bravo all hands!!


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