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Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr., on July 6, said, " I congratulate Senator John Kerry, the presumptive Democratic nominee for President, on his choice of Senator John Edwards of North Carolina as his vice presidential running mate. Senator Edwards and I have something in common. According to the National Journal, I had the highest percentage of votes against Bush Administration supported legislation in the U.S. House. Senator Edwards shared that honor in the U.S. Senate.

"Of all the candidates, Senator Edwards was the best campaigner, had the strongest message, and finished a strong second to Senator Kerry during the Democratic primaries. Senator Edwards has character. Even under heavy pressure to go negative against Senator Kerry during the primaries, Senator Edwards's resisted.

"The Republicans will try to paint Senator Edwards' record as a trial lawyer as negative. But if the choice is between an ex-trial lawyer who won cases for average working people who, through corporate negligence, were injured on the job, and an ex-Halliburton executive whose company is profiteering by using it's insider connections to win no-bid military contracts in Iraq, the American people will choose the trail lawyer every time."

"Senator Edwards had a strong populist message of "One America" during the campaign. He talked about ending America's separate and unequal educational system, often saying it was a moral disgrace that we tolerated poverty in the richest nation on earth, In other words, Senator Edwards' heart is in the right place. So once again, if the choice is between Sen. Edwards' heart and Vice President Cheney's heart, I trust the American people to choose Sen. Edward's heart.

"The Republican's are charging that Senator Edwards was Senator Kerry's second choice. In 2000 Dick Cheney led Bush's search team for a Vice-President - and won a no-bid contest. He chose himself first. Vice President Cheney is number one in no-bid contracts! Who could top the chutzpah of Dick Cheney?" Jackson concluded.