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Black Starz Premieres - "Then I'll Be Free To Travel Home"

The Legendary Lena Horne hosts, and her daughter Gail Lumet-Buckley narrates this powerful, multiple award-winning documentary on the discovery and legacy of New York’s Colonial African Burial Ground, and the epic battle to preserve it. The Chronicle will air Sunday, August 1st ; Tuesday, August 10th; Saturday, August 21st; and Wednesday, August 25th. The Producer/Director is Eric V. Tait, Jr. Daryl Waters is Musical Arranger/Composer, and it features the musical talents of Noel Pointer and Ebony Jo Ann.

Part I – Chronicles the discovery of New York’s Colonial-Era African Burial Ground, and he historical contributions the original Africans who founded it (and their descendants) made to the survival and development of New w York and the Nation from 1626 to the New York City Draft Riots of 1863. It is an honest, in-depth look at the significance and impact of Northern Slavery. It is also a history of larger-than-life “freedom fighters” on many levels; a long progression of phenomenally heroic enslaved Africans who rose from slavery to change the course of this nation from its earliest Colonial days. This is their story as it unfolded in the areas of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut in what would eventually become the United States of America.

Part II – Is a hard hitting expose of how a U.S. Government Agency tried to cover-up, and almost destroyed, what’s been called the greatest archaeological discovery of the 20th Century. In a classic David-Goliath struggle, a grassroots coalition of people of all Races battled the Federal bureaucracy to rescue and preserve a sacred, historical Landmark. This is emotional, informative programming that unfolds with power and passion.

It is this work that inspired the gripping, multi-layered 13 part Radio Documentary Series of the same name that’s been aired on public radio stations across the country since early this February. Funded primarily by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), and distributed by Public Radio International (PRI), Stations ad listeners continue to ask for more distribution and airings of this series

For more information about Then I’ll Be Free To Travel Home, video and audio versions, visit us at or call (212) 281-2456 or (212) 694-2219 or email at

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